I Want to Go on Adventures


Whoa, how pretentious can a person be?

I’m a spoiled white boy with a debt free college education (#mom&dad). My life is easy.

Granted, I don’t have health insurance and I sleep in a van …but that’s alright. It feels good to escape that treadmill. …I probably shouldn’t be posting this on the internet.

What to do next, I’m not sure.

I think there are only two available paths that I  might want to  follow.


I can build a life, skills, finances, whatever. This is a good option.


I can deny the pleasures of having stuff, services, and security so I can experience more things. This is a fun option.

I don’t think there is a middle ground for me. Working some job that I’m not passionate about at all seems useless. It’s like treading water. Balance is compromise.

For now, I’ve been trying to just drain some of the extra water from my life. That was a metaphor. I think that reducing myself has been a good thing. It has helped me figure out which things are actually worth the stuff required to keep them.

Looking forward is exciting but sad. I’ll always be missing big pieces. I can’t do everything.

For now, I guess I’ll try to have fun. I’ll do my best to scrape funding together for expeditions to big beautiful places. …because what else is there? No matter what professions/occupations/time-fillers I pick, I want to somehow just… be in awe… of nature or something.

Climbing around on cool looking chunks of geography seems like the most accessible way to do that right now.


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