I Will Dirtbag!

bishop camp site

Life would be half as confusing if I didn’t need to climb and explore.

I can’t commit myself wholeheartedly to anything that I can’t draw a topo line on.

Navigating the waters of the real world outside the forgiving shelter of college is interesting in some ways, but is way too bull-shit-full to keep my attention. Insurance, rent, work, car, jobs, fees, fines, girls, stuff. That was a sentence fragment. It feels like a lot of work to just… keep on keeping on… or whatever.

Grow up, work the system, build finances, sex girls, get hood rich, repeat. Live a long life that doesn’t make you feel too bad.

Maybe I should find Jesus or something. That would make things simpler. I’d bet that in a couple centuries people will show that religious belief is a positively selected behavior for modern human survival.

I think the only way I’m going to get close to dulling my angst and unease about whether I should be accumulating or renouncing responsibility is by jumping in the deep end of the dirtbag lifestyle, at least for a little while. I’ve never been “out there” for more than a couple of months. I’m sure I’ll wear out in no time, but I think I should at least try it out. A good number of the more interesting and classically successful old people I’ve met did something similar before caving in to a life of relative comfort, so maybe it won’t completely decapitate my future.


When? …like sometime eventually or something I guess.


One thought on “I Will Dirtbag!

  1. It’s harder to dirt bag today. BMW tail gating up the hill at Mono Lake, mom calling on the cell phone, need power to log-on. The list goes on. It’s worth it though to explore and there are places worth exploring. What’s a couple of years? Who wants to work with (worse yet, for) someone who would not respect ones choice to explore? We hear it again and again, while the mainstream career counselors tell us otherwise, that it’s those who strike out from convention who truly succeed at a rewarding life. Our nervous systems tell us when we have had enough of whatever path we choose. Sorry, I don’t think it is our hearts, our hearts decide when it’s over. Happy journey. 🙂

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